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Foot surgery

Today is the day!

I am going in to have my 4th foot surgery today on my right foot.
It’s 6:15 am I am awake already.  Been awake off and on all night.  Anxiety is getting me tonight.  But am up for now.  Katey is still sleeping.  I hear my mom moving around.  My hands are kind of sweaty and gross.  This is the usual for me as with any surgery I had.
Anyway, wanted to let you know…I have to be at the hospital at noon.  Surgery is at 1:30.
Send some prayers my way.  I hope this doctor will get it right.  I asked for a money back guarantee….can’t do that I guess  🙂  LOL  I hope it works this time.  Maybe eventually I will be able to run another 5K with less pain than my very first one. 🙂
Man I am nervous.  oh…I can eat or drink anything either.  Gonna be starvin.  I can’t eat until it’s all done.  Maybe 5 or 6 tonight??  Holy crow!!

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