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Post Op – I’m home :)

Well this has been an adventure today!!!

To start off our morning, we were going to hit the grocery store before I had to be at the hospital since I didn’t have to be there until noon.  We get down to my car and I realize someone had broken into my car.  My glove box had my papers on the floor.  The book about the car, my insurance papers etc, other stuff I keep in there for emergencies, etc.  The stuff from the arm rest cubbie was on the floor by the driver side.  There was stuff from under where my stereo is on the seats.  Funny thing is….nothing was missing.  All my CD’s are there (must not like Christian music  lol), all my change that I put in my ash tray was there.  That is the only thing valuable in my car.  But for some reason I also had checked my trunk before opening my car just to see if I had room for groceries because I hadn’t taken out my tent and stuff from my recent trip to Riverside.  Everything was still there too.  So I don’t know what this person was looking for….but obviously it wasn’t in my car.  As I rule, I always lock my car, but I must not have hit the button twice and heard the honk.  I don’t know.  It’s weird.  But I did all the manager and talked to her.  She had said that someone else had had their vehicle broken into also, but nothing was taken either.  This is so very weird.  She called the police and alerted them.  The are going to come talk to me tomorrow since I was off to surgery today and it was nothing too serious.  Alrighty then.

We got home around 6 pmish. Surgery lasted long than we all thought. The doctor told mom that the screw was broken inside my bone as well and the head that was broken off on the top (which I knew).  But also that the screw was broken in two other places in the tarsal.  So that is what made the surgery longer. They put a pain block in from the knee down but started it up by my hip (through my sciatic nerve, I think) so actually my thigh feels a bit numb too but i definitely cannot feel my foot at all right now. Totally freaked me out trying to get out of the car out home.  Surgery went pretty smoothly though.  The doctor was able to get my own bone marrow from my heel into the tarsals and fill them up then put some new hardware in there.  The huge hope is that this now will fuse them and make the bones stable therefore, less pain.  (fingers crossed and praying hard)!!

Mom was there trying to help me get me get my leg/knee on the knee cart….not being able to feel my leg was totally scary/freaky. I about started bawling, but navigated it ok with my mom right here. She basically held me up all the way to the door.  I felt like I had a missing leg.  Totally get it now what people say when they lose a limb.  Then I go to the front door of the apartment building and there were two cement steps, I sat down and pushed myself up those two backwards.  LOL  Then proceeded to scoot myself backward in the door to the only flight of steps to my apartment.  Luckily they are carpeted and inside.  LOL oh and only 5 of them! That was pretty easy.

Getting back up was interesting. But mom and I did it. I am using muscles again that I didn’t know I had.

I think K is just plain freaked out. But she is hanging in there. She has been great help today. She helped get supper out and brought some to me. She got the ice pack ready and put it under my leg. I think we’ll do great. I am also so glad that mom will be here until Saturday though!!

To add to the fun tho…(insert extreme sarcasm)….before getting out of the car and stuff….we got parked and were talking about how to get in the apartment building. I think mom was so worried about how this was all going to work, when we all got situated OUT of the car and stuff…shut all the doors on the car…she locked the doors to the car…..locked all the keys in the car…except my apartment keys. My car keys, her keys, both our phones! all we could do was laugh. my spare keys were in my car too because i just got them fixed and hadn’t brought them in yet (duh julie). so….yeah….it’s been a day!!!

So, we managed to get to us all into the apartment.  Went up the managers apartment and called the locksmith who came after hours and only charged mom the usual fee not an after hours fee (what a great man)!!  He “broke” in and mom was able to get all the keys and phone and everything out of the car.  She double checked and checked again.  By the time all of us were up here eating some supper, I think all us had anxiety attacks.  😛

post op surgery 4 -.12.13


blue toes because they used a blue solution to clean my foot and leg before surgery to disinfect and sterilize.  It matches my nail polish!  Like my sausage toes?  hehehee



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