Life and Everyday

Post Op week 3

Ok…3 weeks out from foot surgery and it’s driving me nuts.  I now have a suture coming out of my scar from the inside.  WTH is with that?  Also itching like all heck and from welts that have appeared out of nowhere.  WTH??  So going back to the doctor tomorrow.

suture coming out 10.2.13

welts 10.3.13

isn’t it purdy??  oh the joy!!  i am just mad.  The doctor was/is a bit pissed at the doctors who first took care of me back in Iowa.

Anyways, besides going back to the foot doc, tomorrow I go see my psychiatrist.  Another rah.  NOT.  He’s an idiot!  He wants to always mess with my medications.  Being bipolar sucks.  (guess I am not in such a good mood tonight eh?)  I have been looking for a different doc.  But they are hard to come by because of insurance.  Either they are private and don’t take mine or if they do, they are hospital happy and the moment you feel like you are having the slight freak out, they want to throw my butt into the hospital.  Well I haven’t been hospitalized for nearly 5 years now.  And that is a long time for me!!  Anyways, I don’t want any different meds right now.  I’m doing alright…I think.  My emotions have been on a roller coaster, yes, but I think it’s due to the pain doc messing with the hormone meds.  Since he told me to stop taking them, I am not as bitchy and angry at K or anyone else and I am not crying all the other times.  Well, I still get teary at stuff, but the anger stuff is way less.

I have had stuff coming up with my eating issues again too.  Next week I will be talking with a lady from the Emily Program.  She will let me know what kinds of things I can get involved with there.  I hope there will be a support group I can attend….I need some people to talk with.  Maybe the IOP program…IDK…..

I’mma mess… hot mess…..blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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