Life and Everyday

Friday fun and family

We are delaying our trip south to Iowa.  Guess there is going to be really horrible tornado like weather near mom’s place so we will leave tomorrow morning.  Going to celebrate K’s birthday one last time.  This makes party number 3!!!  LOL  This girl has exceeded the limit of celebrating the double digits!  LOL

That’s ok.  She has been playing on the the kindle.  This is what happens when she plays too much:


she has an ice pack on her rear end….she has been sitting too long and gets way warm after playing for hours.  LOL  she is sooo funny.  crazy kid.  She often  wants to sit with the fridge open or the freezer after playing for an hour or so.  She goes to get the ice pack out of the freezer….instead of putting on my foot.  I guess I would rather laugh with her about her TB (tired butt).  oh the fun.

More fun for Friday….my foot is healing ok.  The doc told me that it’s just going to take time….I know that but I am not the most patient patient.  I have stuff I just want to….clean the house!  lol  yes, I know…but I want to get out some of my fall decor…I don’t see that happening too soon.  I want to get back to work…rather find a job and go to work.  lol

On another note…my BFF is an auntie again today.  Her brother and SIL had a baby boy today.  She texted me a pic of him…can we say adorable?  Oh to have a baby again.  ahhhh….dreaming….don’t think that is anything near or far in my future.  I hope that will be my job though….rocking babies….that will give me my baby fix.

Happy Friday folks. ♥



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