Life and Everyday

Mornings with ADD

Ya don’t know what you are gonna get.  ‘Nuff said.  Uffda and OY!!

Today was tough….some days are pretty ok…most days are so hard.  “They” say have a routine, write it down where she can see it (done it, have it), wake her up at the same time every morning (doing that),  get her to bed at the same time, (we have a set bedtime, which we get to her bed by), eat decently (she’s a picky eater, so still working on this one), give natural consequences (doin that one too).  Ok.  If I am doing all these things, why o why I am still having horrible mornings with her?  I try to get her medicine in her at 6:30am every morning.  So that by the time she gets to school she is civil to the teachers and other students.  Which must be working because I haven’t heard from the teachers all week, which as been a big plus this week.

Thing is….at home….I catch the brunt of it.  I HATE it!!  I know I am the mom.  I am supposed to be able to handle this.  But to tell the truth, I have my shit to deal with too.  And to have her throw insults and cuss and be angry and stuff at me, is so very hard.   Consequences just make her more mad.  Timeouts to her room make her more pissy.  I mean, it’s not by all means, like this.  We do have some very good, almost awesome streaks too.  But when it’s bad…it’s horrible.  Today just happens to be one of her “I hate you” mornings.

So now what?  She made it before the bus…barely.  Mad at me because I wouldn’t let her take the umbrella.  Last time the umbrella went to school, it was a total disaster.   Caused much more trouble than what it was worth taking it with.  So I am trying to save trouble before giving it a chance to fester.  But then made it worse here.  Glad she didn’t slam the front door.  So she is off to school.

I did to google thing….how to deal with kids in the morning before medication is taken.  I get what I mentioned the first paragraph.  Do any of you readers have pre-teen kiddos that have ADD and difficult mornings?  I brought up with her psych doc about the possibility of her having depression/anger problems.  He said it is hard to say or diagnosis.  The reason I asked is because it runs int he family.  No only me…but other family members as well.  More of a wait and see.  I don’t want to drug her up.  I don’t want her to suffer either.  I have been thinking about trying a gluten free diet.  But I think that would kill me.  LOL  That would be a huge hard thing for me to give up and get into doing.  But I have heard such great results from this.

I need to do more research on this.  I need to figure out how to incorporate this into our lives.  Maybe see if it helps her and me.  Lessens her anxiety and anger and also my fatigue and pain and anxiety.  I don’t know.  I have a good friend that has to have a gluten free diet because of her allergy to it.  If even forced….I think it would be so hard.  Suggestions?

Deep breaths this morning.


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