Life and Everyday

So far so good…

So far so good this morning. Although, getting K motivated to get moving this morning was quite the challenge.  I don’t like getting frustrated with her so early in the morning but she just has to get moving to make it to the bus by 7am.  I know that is dang early.  I mean, as kids growing up, we didn’t have to get on the bus until 7:30 out on the farm.  It’s also picture retake day, so I wanted to make sure I could get her hair done too.  But alas, we got it all done in about 15 minutes.  I hope her hair makes it.  LOL  I suppose, if not, life will not end.  Never does.  It’s only school pics.

Peggy called me this morning and we talked about K’s lack of organization and inattention in regards to her homework and doing school work at school.  Also about Kindle time too.  I need to say Yes more often but I feel like if I keep saying yes, she will run all over me.  I think it’s all in reframing in how I use the YES you can play on the Kindle.  She does her homework, when she remembers to bring it home.  She loves and remembers to bring her math home….it’s just all the other stuff.  Do I still let her play on the Kindle then?  Even if she “forgets” to bring her other work home?  I think the school needs to work with me a bit more.  I think they are dropping the ball, I am trying to do my part and I believe K is doing her part to the best she can at this time too.  I just don’t know.  K has an IEP, but something needs to be done a bit differently.  Not sure what, but I will figure it out.

While thinking about K and all her stuff, I have been thinking a lot about yesterday’s boat load of appointments and things that happened.

I met my new psychiatrist yesterday.  She was pretty darn awesome.  She wasn’t scattered as the last one I had.  She actually took the time to talk to me and get to know me.  She didn’t rush me out of the office either.  She asked me questions and got to know who I was.  I was surprised.  I told her I thought I was on too many medications.  She agreed.  So we are going to try to get me off some of them.  Starting with the xanax.  So that is the start.  She increased my topamax tho, which is good to counter-act this other med that I am taking that has the side effect of weight gain.  I certainly don’t need to gain anymore weight.  Told her about my bulimia stuff a bit also.  She is glad that I am working with Adam and Amanda.  She is also very glad that I will be starting the DBT group soon too.  (Speaking of, DBT, I will be going 3 days a week starting the first week in Nov.)

Then I met with Adam.  Had lots to say when I met with him too.  After writing about and being real and transparent about this past bulimic thing, I finally feel like I made my first step in honesty in dealing with this.  I don’t know if I will always be this honest about my eating behaviors.  I will probably hit denial again because that is how I deal with stuff sometimes, but when talking with Adam, it felt like I hit that spot of contentment for a moment again.  I hadn’t felt that for a long time.  I didn’t feel angry or frustrated or hurt or sad or anything.  I was calm.  Content.  It was weird.  Just for that moment.  Nice.

Anyways, back to today…..

K has therapy today.  So we’ll talk to Peggy again this afternoon.  I pick her up about 2pm.  I hope that she will have all the homework that she needs to have so that she can participate in the party that they are having in her classroom tomorrow.  She says that she believes that she can do it…I believe that she can get this done also.

I have no words of wisdom today.  Nothing profound to say.  Life is just going on today.  Hope your day is going well.



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