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Brave Girls Club

I am sharing from the Brave Girls Club this morning.

Dear Courageous Girl,

Sometimes things happen in life that are completely out of our control that wound our confidence and hope. These things can continue to taint us and stain our lives for years and years, until they distort the truth of who we really are, until we actually start believing the lies that come along with these kinds of experiences.

You are NOT what has happened to you, no matter what circumstances surrounded the situation. There is NEVER anything that you can do to make you deserve to be treated badly, to be abused, or to have horrible things happen to you at the hands of another.

If you are caught up believing a lie that says that you will never overcome, you will never be the same, you will never be able to move past it, especially that you somehow deserve it or brought it on yourself, please stop, beautiful friend. PLEASE STOP.

You are precious, beautiful, and pure. Your life matters SO MUCH. YOU matter so much. Whatever has happened to you that has tried to blow out that light in your soul, don’t ever believe that there’s not a flame anymore. YOU are still in there. You are healing and overcoming and becoming every day.

See the beautiful truth of who you really are, and tell yourself over an over again. You are incredible!! You are BRAVE!! You can do this. YOU CAN.

Throw out the lies today. YOU are loved.



2 thoughts on “Brave Girls Club”

  1. Reblogged this on Living Life: Day by Day and commented:
    Sometimes there are words out there which we just need to hear for ourselves, especially when we are discouraged into paralysis and feel as though we will never be able to move on from this stagnant spot in our life BUT this post encourages us to do it anyway, because us ‘girls’ are indeed truly loved … and as a result we can face ANYTHING 😉

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