Life and Everyday

Had to change it up!

I just had to change it up!  Change up the backgound of my blog.  It was so dark and dreary.  I needed to lighten up the colors.  I must have been in a “dark” mood when I was changing it before.  Not that feel a lot lighter now, but this one is more of who I am most days.  It’s my daughters favorite colors….PINK.  lol

She makes me smile.  Speaking of…I have to tell you about last night.  Just before bedtime….she came over to sit by me.  Mind you she is 10…in 4th grade.  That age where most girls get to that….I don’t want you too close but don’t go away mood.  Kind of like typical…”I hate you, don’t leave me”, if you know what I am talking about.  (Karen??)

Anyway, she comes to sit by me and swings her legs over mine.  She is almost as tall as me.  Her legs are way long and gangly, in a good way.  She is at that age where she is all arms and legs.  Tall and thin.  (I would love to have her “problem”).  She wanted to snuggle like we used to do when she was little.  So we did.  And we giggled and talked and giggled some more.  She was so warm, like she was when she was little.  She is a little heater….loved that when she was young.  I am always so cold and when she was little, I would hold her close to me to warm up.  Since losing weight, my inner temp gauge is way off, so when I get the chance for her to get that close, I let her.  I LOVED THIS MOMENT WITH HER!!

I know moments like this are soon to be few and far between.  Brings tears to my eyes because my little girl is growing up.  Professionals were telling me that we are not “attached”, to that I have to say, bull sh*t!!  They finally took that label off her.  Yes, she does have ADD and anxiety.  She is afraid that I am going to leave.  But that is normal for a kid who has had to go through the stuff she has as such a young age as her.  But she is strong and has such a huge heart.  She is kind and caring and loving.  She is my girl.  My sweet K.  I love her and will move every mountain for her if I could.



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