Life and Everyday

Day 6 – I am Thankful

number6Today I am so thankful for my foot doctor and his assistant, Aaron.  They sure know how to make my day.  I called to ask if I could just wear shoes now.  Aaron told me that I could but I needed to be very careful about what shoes I wore.  He encouraged me to stay in my boot until I see Dr. Clair next week though.  He said that I will most likely will be out of my book next Friday when I come in for my appointment.  woohoo!!  I don’t know if they will give me a special shoe to wear or if I can actually wear my own tennis shoes.  I hope the latter.  The only thing that worries me is where the laces go across the top, where the scar is on top of my foot.  That area is so tender still.  We’ll see.  But I am just thankful for a GREAT foot doc and his assistant.  I think his skill of putting my own bone marrow into the fracture has done the trick of making my bones finally heal correctly.  AMEN.  Now to be able to walk without any pain or much less pain than before.  I am thankful.


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