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my little morning rant

I have a little morning rant this morning.  Whom ever said that making a routine for a child with ADD is the “right” thing to do is absolutely NUTS!!    It does not work with every child.  I have been trying to get a routine down with K for the past year.  She and I can’t get a routine down for the love of Pete.  It gets close but it just never is there.  Something always throws it off.  Usually her stubbornness to get moving and doing stuff.  I have written it down on a white board and put it on the wall.  I have posted it on her door.  I have put it on the kitchen wall.  I have put it on the fridge.  I have put it in the bathroom.  Nothing works.  She just doesn’t care.  I don’t think it really matters what or how she gets ready for school.  Maybe because it matters to me, she just doesn’t care.  What would happen if I didn’t care so much.  Would she freak out?  Would reverse psychology work on a 10 year old?  I have talked to her counselor and haven’t gotten an answer out of her either.  She gave me a little check list an she has offered a little reward and that hasn’t worked either.  aarrggghhhh

If anyone who reads this has any ideas for a kid who doesn’t care about getting ready for school and/or something of the like, please share your ideas.  I am running out of them.  thanks much.


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