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Day 8 of giving thanks

I am thankful for my daughter having patience today.  We waited and waited and waitedmagic8ball for seeing her doctor today.  He was running over 40 minutes late.  She read a magazine for that whole time.  An article about boys.  LOL  It was quite cute.  When I asked her about what she read, she said to me, “well, duh, mom.  It’s about boys.”  I guess that’s what I get.  hahaha.  Ask a silly questions….get a straight up answer.

I am thankful that K is growing into a very kind and loving young lady.  She has a heart of gold.  I am very lucky that even though she has some very tough times, she still has this heart that is full of love.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 of giving thanks”

  1. We parents never remember that when we ask a silly question we will get a ‘duh’ answer. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with your daughter with us. We are grateful 😉

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