Life and Everyday

day 10 giving thanks (a morning late)

number101 well  I fell asleep early last night and didn’t get this done last night so I will do this now before I have to leave this morning.  I am thankful for semi-warm weather in November.  I was able to get some stuff done on the balcony yesterday.  Just a few piddly things like getting the pumpkins down and ready to take to the dumpster.  I checked the lights for the winter and found the didn’t work so tried to find some new ones to bring out but couldn’t find some, will have to keep looking.  I know I have some new ones.  I just don’t know where I “hid” them.  LOL  So that will be my job later.  NOT today as it is cold out today.  The high of 30 was earlier earlier this morning and the temp is dropping.  yay!  Winter is coming.  I better find them soon.  It will warm up a little bit by the end of the week.  YAY.  I am thank for warmer days in November before the snow flies.


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