Life and Everyday

Days 17 and 18

Smooshing yesterday and today together.  My K-bug is sick so was unable to post lastgive-thanks-wordartweb night.  I am thankful for tylenol and lots of water.  They are what helps most when nothing with mom hugs do.  Lots of TLC and tylenol.  That is what the prescription has been for the past couple days.  Trying to keep her temp down and get her feeling better.  She is home from school today.  Her temp is running normal right now.  I hope it maintains that way.  I am thankful that God gives me the knowledge to know how to help her when she is not feeling well.  Ah the joys of motherhood. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Days 17 and 18”

    1. She is feeling better tonight, thanks. A trip to the urgent care this morning, two bags of fluid via IV and zofran, and lounging all day….she’s feeling more perky tonight. yay!! I hope she continues to feel better too! Thanks!

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