Life and Everyday


Even though we talk about it, it isn’t always understood.  One thing that’s clear is that Jesus embodied it.  He was “walking grace.”   His welcome extnded to everyone, regardless of their position, pedigree or performance.  His invitation to the world was “Come as you are.”

Grace is getting what you need not what you deserve.  Grace is “unmerited favor.”  We are go.  We are forgiven.  Because we are forgiven we can go and sin no more.  We go out in truth.  Grace and truth equal Jesus.  Our job is to live like Jesus.  It’s a balances act of living the grace and truth.

So what is God saying?  We need to let go of our stones.  Our stones or rocks of revenge or ridicule.  Let them go.  Let go of the sin.  Let go of the words you may have said.  Let go of the grudges you are holding.  Forgiveness is available.  Jesus loves you more.



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