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I made an error

I made and error when I said I was going to do the Zero to Hero challenge.  After reading the first day’s challenge, it’s for folks that are going to make their blog about something that is not a personal journey or journal or something of that sort.  MY blog is about my personal journey, hence the title “Journal to Wholeness”!  So, I will have to see if there is another type of challenge.  I know I saw another one called something like 356 writing prompts or something of the like.  I will have to try to find it….

As for today,  K had another fainting thing.  She got all light headed but she didn’t fall down on the floor, she was able to get herself to the couch…but she didn’t go out cold.  She told me she felt sick.  She did get very pale.  She tried to drink  a bit of water, but then she tossed her cookies a few times.  Then she was all ok.  She drank some more water and then ate her toast that she was making.  Scared the living daylights out of me…again.  This type of thing hasn’t happened in almost a year.  I don’t know if she had low blood sugar or what.  She was just standing there.  It wasn’t like she got up fast or anything.  I called the on call doctor.  I will be calling her doctor today and making an appointment for her.  She needs to get her blood checked and levels checked.  I hope that she doesn’t have diabetes.  She is such a sugar kid.  I have tried to get her away from sugar, but I can’t seem to wean her away from it.  Just can’t get her to stop or lessen her intake.  Even if I don’t have it here.  She seems to want it all the time.  I guess I need to stop buying high sugar anything all together.  But I can’t let her lose anymore weight.  Her ADD meds make her lose weight.  Can’t afford that.  Something needs to be done.

Well, off to make appointments and cleaning and such today.  Tomorrow and Sunday are the last Christmas celebrations for the end of 2013.  LOL  I hope we make it back home on Sunday at a decent hour.  School on Monday….gotta figure out how to work in getting homework done in the in between times.

2 thoughts on “I made an error”

  1. How much water does she drink? She might be dehydrated. Or, like you said it could be a blood sugar thing. Her meds might make her crave those sweet things and so she does need to eat more, but just not those sweets. I think its a good idea to just eliminate them from your house altogether; and, not just for Katey, but also for you. [image: ;-)] Keep us updated on how shes doing and what the doc says

    1. Thanks Karen. She doesn’t really crave anything, she just likes sugar. What kid doesn’t? But gonna have better food choices in the house from now on. 🙂

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