Life and Everyday

Finally the family Christmas

We finally got together.  The weather cooperated and the roads did too.  It was a nice get together over all.  The kids all got along as did the adults.  🙂

We had an excellent meal….John did a pork loin on the smoker along with some chicken.  It was delish!  I didn’t eat so much that I was stuffed, but enough to be full.  I am trying to be more mindful of my eating.  I think I stretched my sleeve some.  I don’t know how to make it smaller again other than eating less by watching what I put in my mouth.  Now with the holidays officially over for me, I can’t use that as an excuse.

And….I have a cold again.  My nose is about to run off my face.  It’s so sore from blowing it.  What do you use to dry up your sinus’s?  I can’t use sudafed, but other suggestions are welcome.

Family stuff always puts me on edge but today I didn’t feel so much of that.  I felt a little of that inferiority stuff but it wasn’t overwhelming like other times.  I guess I went in with “teflon mind”.  I needed to put that distance between them and me.   I didn’t want to get into any confrontations and the like.  Found out though that my mom is leaving for Texas on Wednesday.  Wonder when they were going to get around to telling me that?  Oh well, whatever.  They will be gone for a month or so.  Coming back around the end of February or so.  Hope they have fun.

As for me and K, well, we’ll survive.  Always do.


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