Life and Everyday

Been a few days….


It’s been awhile since I have been here to write.  Not doing very good with my goal of writing everyday.  But I will continue to use the Ebook for ideas to write.  But I also just want to write about what is going on in my life.

K is doing pretty well.  We have her IEP coming up at the end of January.  We are going to be talking about the transition to middle school.  I know it will be hard for her.  She has already told me that she is nervous about it.  So we are going to brainstorm about how we can help in that big transition.  (when I say we, I mean the team at school and her counselor too).  I am hoping by having her counselor there, we can make sure K’s anxiety and ADD needs are met before going to middle school.  I am nervous for her….guess just as nervous as she is.

Gonna be generic here and talk about the crazy weather….we are getting light snow and the wind is whipping around.  Almost like blizzards when you get out on the highway.  In town it’s not so bad, but out on the highway and interstate, it’s horrible.  I think Mother Nature needs to make up her mind on the weather.  It’s either colder than all get out or in the 30’s and melting some.  LOL

Now to write from the Ebook

January 16
Toot your horn
Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are
not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about

My favorite thing about myself…I have two favorite things: my sense of humor and how I care about people.  I love to make people laugh and try to get some fun in other people’s lives.  I also really care about people.  I want people to know that they are important and what they have to do and say are just as important as other people.

There are the two things that are my favorite things.  That was a weird sentence.  But anyways.  That’s about all for now.  ‘Til later….

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