Life and Everyday


feeling rather lonely tonight.  not sure what it’s all about.  nothing has changed around here.  things have been going along smoothly.  not sure.

i feel an emptiness.  maybe it’s the winter doldrums kicking in.  january gets to be so long.  and it’s dragging on and on.

i know i need to come here and write more.  maybe that would help with the doldrums?  i don’t really know.  K keeps playing on the kindle and it’s so quiet in here.  it’s like no one is home but me sometimes.  mine craft keeps her busy and way too quiet.  i like it when she is talking and engaged.  but she isn’t lately.  so maybe i should dig deep and write more.  not really sure what i’d write about though.  my head is empty most of the time.  lol  or so it seems.

my writing prompt for today is….

January 18
Free association
Write down the first words that comes to mind when we
say . . . home. . . soil. . . rain. Use those words in the title of
your post.

guess i am using it.  lonely.  when i think of home, soil and rain….it is sometimes lonely.  but i also think  flowers.  i like to plant flowers.  living in an apartment, i don’t get much chance to plant my favorite flowers….tulips.  they are short lived…in the spring.  i can’t wait til CDA gets me up higher on the list and i can rent a townhome.  i will plant flowers out front and tulips will be in the ground in the fall…all ready for spring.  i hope my name comes up in march or april.  i really need to move out of this place.

the manager came to my door today and told me i am supposed to be outside supervising my 10 year old daughter while she plays in the snow.  what?  a kid can’t go out and play in the large yard without me?  that is nuts.  she knows the rules and adheres to them.  but she came and gave me the what for this afternoon regarding K in the yard.  i would understand if she was 6 or 7…they need supervision because they don’t normally know the limits.  but i haven’t had any problems with K.  not in the last year or so being outside.  the manager even said something about her flower gardens.  THEY ARE COVERED IN 8 – 10 INCHES OF SNOW!!  what does that have to do with anything.  i could see if they were blooming and stuff, but snow covered?  come on.  give me a break.  even just a couple inches, i could see but as much as we have now?  that’s nuts.  one more reason to move.

that has been my day in a nut shell.  oh the joy.  maybe tomorrow will be better.


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