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Wisdom is knowledge of danger but no fear. It is the ability to spot a twist in the path in the distance, a narrow stretch, the possibility of a collision; to stop and wait in peace until something has passed. No wisdom is keeping going, hoping it will be alright.


That was my motivation for today that I got in my inbox.  I think wisdom comes in waves.  I believe that I have wisdom in some areas of my life.  But in others….I have fear.  I guess that is where waiting in peace until it has passed comes to play.  But I am so impatient at times.  One area is my social life or lack there of.  I don’t really have anyone I can call and just chat with or meet up with.  I can use all kinds of excuses….I’m a single mom and am home with her a lot of my time.  I just don’t feel up to going out.  You know what I mean.  I am not into the bar scene.  I’m too old for that.  Trying to find people is difficult.  This town isn’t huge but it isn’t like my hometown where you have no privacy.  So what to do?

I go to a church.  But that is hard too.  The people sometimes don’t seem so open.  I looked up to see if they had a singles group or something like that.  But nope.  They have groups for young adults…up to 30, but I am way out of that category too.  I keep hoping that I can become friends with some of K’s friends’ parents.  But I haven’t met many of them.

Life goes on.  I’ll figure it out some how.  But for now….loneliness has taken over for a bit.


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