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doing it again

I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but once again, I am comparing myself to other bariatric “success” people. I see pics of folks that have gotten to their goal weight or are very close. I am happy for them and then very angry at myself for not being there yet. I know each of us is on our own journey.

I am almost 3 years out from the vertical sleeve. My weight hovers around 240….I have another 100 to lose. I am feeling tired and self critical. I get frustrated with myself and quit. Then I get out of that space and get moving again. Only to have some health issues that make me nearly immobile. So sick of this revolving door. I know my eating sucks at times. I don’t know how to make eating more clean and healthy enjoyable. It just makes me sad. I know it’s a head thing. How do I clear my head of these things? I am seeing a Adam once a week but it’s not helping as much. I don’t want to give up completely.

My biggest challenge is not only getting the processed food and grains out of my diet but also my daughter.  How do I cook for her and yet let her have the “treats” and things that she likes as well?  I used to be able to just say no to her treats and foods, but my attitude and lack of willpower lately has lead me down the “eat the whole kitchen and the sink” mentality.

I will be doing some searching on the net for some sites with some ideas on clean eating and eliminating the grains and limiting the processed foods.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Sending out love…..

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