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no nothing

I went to the spine doctor….the next one that was supposed to do the rhizotomy.  But he said he didn’t think that I needed to have it done.  He thought I had an infection between my vertebrae.  So I went in for some bloodwork.  The office called me and no infection.  Now what?  I feel like I am still on that road of doctors throwing me from one to another.  I know where my pain is right now and they still don’t now what they are going to do.  He mentioned wanting to send me to a pain specialist.  I am so sick of going to different doctors.  This is just stupid.  I don’t know what is next.  All I do know is that I need to find some relief from my back pain.  I can’t go on not sleeping and hardly being able to move.  This sucks.

My finger is healing ok.  I get the stitches out next Wednesday.

I start physical therapy on Monday.  I hope they can help me.  I know it’s going to hurt for this too.  But I have to do something.  Doing nothing isn’t helping.  I think I am going to do some searching on the net for some ideas.  Maybe some other folks with similar things going on can offer some ideas.  Something I haven’t tried yet.

There is always hope, right?


4 thoughts on “no nothing”

  1. Yes there is always hope and sometimes we just have to adjust for the time being.
    It always amazes me how fast things sit in one place in my world and then all of a sudden things change so fast I can barely keep up.

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