Life and Everyday

getting unstuck

For months I have said that I need to make some serious changes.  I am done with surgeries, finally. I have healed up pretty well. I have gotten the doctor’s ok to start doing more exercise. I am also doing a lot of PT also. They are giving some good ideas to be exercise aware for pain and swelling and such. I am so glad to have the OK to get back in the swing of things. My hand is still in a brace for the next month, but I can take it off when I go to water aerobics.  This is my getting unstuck from being pretty sedentary for months.

beneath the pain

I have many other areas that I am going to work on getting unstuck.  I will write more posts about the following when I get my thoughts in order and what I am going to do or am doing to get unstuck in that area.

1. I am working with Aimee at the Emily Program (dealing with my eating disorder).

2.  Figure out my money (or lack of) situation.  Figure out how to make and use a budget….and follow through.

3.  Do more incorporating my faith and also meditation into my life.

4.  Getting my plan started in regards to starting Metro State this fall.  Get the reading/writing assessment completed.

I think I have a decent place to start here.  I have to quiet my mind now that my pain level has decreased from way about 10 (the worst) to a manageable 4-5.  Only taking a muscle relaxer when I need to.  Also got a gel that is supposed to help with my low back pain, lidocaine.    I think it’s more manageable right now.





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