Life and Everyday

K is at Camp

It’s Day 2 of K being at Camp Wapo.  I keep wondering how she is doing.  I bet she is doing so well there.  I miss her.  It’s more quiet here without her here.  I guess that is good in some ways.  But it’s not in others.  Like….it’s so quiet I can actually hear  myself think….which isn’t so good.  I hear them…oh my.  But anyway, I think I can get a lot of things done.  If I don’t sleep in.  LOL  I couldn’t sleep last night, so I dozed off a bit early this morning.  So, I decided to go lay down again and slept until a little after 11am.  I certainly didn’t want to do that!

I have my “honey-do” list and haven’t gotten a start on it yet.  I will after writing and checking email.  1st thing is to go through K’s clothes.

I have a group tonight at the Emily Program.  I am not sure I will stick with this group yet.  I have been going for little over a month but don’t feel “the fit”.  I think I will see if there is another group that I can be involved in.  I like the Emily Program.  I like they counselor I see there.  I like the dietitian I see there.  I see the dietitian tonight after group.

More later….

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