Life and Everyday

Things we take for granted and some more

take time

The things we can take for granted.

A hand to hold, a smile, a phone call away, an ” I love you” walking on a summers evening with a gentle breeze, birds singing, the sound of their voice. One of the gifts for me around loss is appreciation and a strong knowing to ” Not take things for granted”
In Every moment we have the opportunity to be BIG, to open our hearts, treat each other with kindness and respect, to honor each other and ourselves. One day that hand we hold will be gone.
In the past I took many things for granted.
As I get older I have become more aware of this.
Of those precious moments we spend with each other and this appreciation I feel has become a strong part of my day to day.
If your going to love, love BIG
No more lies, no more holding back, no more taking advantage of another being, no more hiding behind false ideas about yourself to save face
Be Vulnerable
Be real
Love BIG
Be the love you so deeply want and love as they say like there is no tomorrow!
Do something that makes the other person happy
Be selfless
For just a moment take a look around you and ask yourself ” In what areas of my life am I taking things for granted?”
Send that card you were thinking of sending
Say I love you
Make that phone call
Drink water, eat healthier
Walk the dog, not wait till tomorrow
Melt some bodies heart
And remember


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