Life and Everyday

Ever Miss Your Best Friend


I used to have a best friend

The kind where forgetting our manners

Stuffing our faces

While talking shit about all sorts of fucked up stuff

Stuff going on in our lives

Or in our heads

Telling secrets that I have never told

Was my way of promising to keep yours too.

We had a bond that could not be broken

Because meeting you was like meeting the other half of the phrase “best friend”.

That Hardly does our relationship justice

You are my sister

That missing family piece.

I thought my life would really suck

If you went away.

You moved away, back to your familiar.

I moved too, to have my child back.

You promised to call, or text, or catch me online.

I promised too.

But you went on with your life, without me.

You got involved with your addiction, as what you call it.

I got involved in life stuff with my child and her school and extra activities.

I tried to text, I tried to catch you online.

We’d hook up once a week at LifeChurch on Saturday nights, but it wasn’t the same.

I posted pictures and funnies on your Facebook page.

Often you responded with a like or a “haha”.

Didn’t amount to much.  I tried.

I understand we chose our roads

We both traveled to different ends.

Tried to hold on through the distance.

Until I lost my sight of you.

I always hoped things wouldn’t change.

But I am thinking my hope has changed.

Maybe things will change again.

But I really think our friendship

Has moved on…..without you and me.



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