Life and Everyday

Who starts in the middle?


Obviously I do!  (sarcastic laugh)  If you know me, you know why I laugh.  *wink*



kidding kidding kidding.  If I had known what to write I would have started it a couple days ago.  But my blog has become a bit of this and that and who knows what.  Originally it started as my journey with weight loss when I had my bariatric surgery in 2011.  That was a true success.  I have lost 154 pounds total since starting my weight loss journey.  I will get on the ball and put my heaviest picture up here and then I will put up my current picture too.  I just don’t have my computer next to my printer at the moment.  Alas, you guys will have to wait.  I am still not where I want to be but I will get there THIS YEAR!!!

Anyway, this blog also has become a blog about pain, my pain, my daughter’s pain, religion, life, ex’s, new bf’s, ex’s, etc.  There really hasn’t been a direction for this blog at all.  Except in the name:  JOURNEY TO WHOLENESS

My goal, yes, is to become whole.  I have always felt fragmented and in pieces.  Never really part of a whole person.  There are bits of me here and there and nothing ever really seems to fit.  I have these diagnosis’ and my daughter fits in this whole of me somewhere and she struggles so much sometimes.  I really want to try to put it all together and I certainly know that it’s going to take me more than just a few blog posts to figure this all out.  DUH.   lol

So, if you bear with me along this journey, I think what my blog to wholeness will be is just my life.  Putting it all together, piece by piece.  Bit by bit.  I am sure there will be some rant and raving and some bs’ing about some doc who got it all wrong or maybe got it sorta right?!  There will be some religion or lack of religion just to say spirituality and wholeness or goddess or something bigger than myself holding me and K all together.

If you have some ideas of what you would like to see me write more about in regards to my diagnosis’s or K’s diagnosis’s or life or spirituality or pictures I can take when I go places, please please please let me know.  This blog is as much for you as is for me and K.  I want to share my world with you all.  Tell me what you want to hear about ok?  I will try to write on that too.

Peace love happiness joy sparklies twinklies and sunshine on you……..<3

oh….leaving you with a bit of Charles Barkley wisdom



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