Life and Everyday

Strange Words

Aesthetic is such a strange word for such a nice word. It doesn’t get used much where I live or maybe it’s just the circle of folks in right now. I think it’s more the latter.

I miss the times of deeper reflections and conversations. Conversing with a 13 year old isn’t quite the same as that of an adult, that’s for sure. I need more adult conversations these days.

When you are a single parent, you tend to devote much of your extra time to figuring out what to do with your child (at least I do). K is not involved in extracurricular activities like sports and music. She used to be in dance, but gave that up. She’s home…..a lot! Especially in the winter here in Minnesota. She has little desire to do much of anything.  She is a good student and does like to read so I can’t complain too much. Her mental health has much to do with her lack of interest, I think.

Anyway, maybe someday I will get to user my bigger vocabulary again. I throw words like aesthetic into my conversation with my daughter and the world stops for a moment and I get that look from her like I’m crazy but it’s ok. I’ll explain it to her. Then life goes on. We laugh and she’ll try to use the word on me. I love it!



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