Life and Everyday

All moved….sorta

Yesterday was moving day. We are actually in our own house now. Feels good to have a house.

The pastor from my church and another couple folks from church came to help. Patrick was here as well. It was great to have him with helping. Only downfall of having volunteer help, you’re not in total control. Someone accidentally let the box spring slip out of their hands and it came flying down the steps. It hit the wall so hard, I now have a hole in it. Guess I won’t get my deposit back after all.

I still have stuff at the apartment. We didn’t get everything because I didn’t get everything boxed. Now to get the rest. I’m going to see about borrowing my step dad’s truck for awhile and get the rest of our “junk” over here.

I don’t really have any words of wisdom except, don’t get injured before you move. You don’t get done nearly as much as you wanted to. My knee and my hand is killing me today. I think I’m going to have to call Dr. Levy again to see if there is anything to do for pain relief in my knee. I’ve got shots coming up for my wrist and hand.

In other news, I don’t think Jack knows what to think about this new place. He was all hyper and our of sorts but he’s been by my side the whole time. Poor Captain Jack.

Onto bigger and better things. See us next go round.

Life and Everyday

Where Have You Been?

Yeah, I’ve been gone for awhile.

It’s been one of those years, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you all that has happened because I honestly don’t think I remember it all…

But I apologize for my absence and also the fact that my Journey to Wholeness hasn’t been updated since January.


When I actually get over my writer’s block and start writing, I think I am going to start with some blog prompts.  You know what that is, right?   It’s been a struggle, tbh.  I had been very lazy and I had no motivation to make anything happen  in my life besides just doing the whole mom thing and just living.


How’s life?…


Things are moving along now though.  I think I am out of my funk.  We are moving to a house this weekend.  About 10 miles from where we live now.  K is really excited to be having more room.  Not sure Jack is all that excited but he’s a pup.  He’ll get used to it.

Onto bigger and better things.  I will keep ya posted and take some pictures too.  I hope that I can upload them from my phone to here.  We’ll see.  I feel like I have become somewhat computer illiterate after not being here for months.