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UGH!! Pain….again…..

I admit….I did way more than I was supposed to yesterday.  I took some pain medicine before we started sorting and moving boxes down to the garage yesterday.  Mom came up and helped me carry boxes down.  Some boxes were relatively heavy, some were pretty light.  I think it was the up and down the steps that killed me.  Usually it isn’t that bad.  But with boxes, I can’t see where I am going.  I didn’t fall though.  woooohooo!!

pain cushion

This dx of Ehlers Danlos syndrome has me learning so many new things about what it is what it does what I need to do to keep myself from getting too hurt etc.  Add this to my autoimmune stuff, I feel like a walking mess.  I think I might spend some time writing down what dx’s I have been given and what is true and what is crap.  From mental health, etc. to all my general health yuck.  Then get all my allergies down, all my current meds down, try to get hospitalizations down.  That would be a huge problem because of the psych hospitalizations that I had when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s.  That time of my life really bit the dust.  ugh.

I am so sick of pain.  I wish and been praying to God would send a miracle for me.  To me and Katey….finding a place to live is pretty imminent right now.  my_joints_go_out_more_than_i_do_eds_awareness_button-r1eae097842c14de7b761d6361a49c299_x7sav_1024well, I need to go to bed before I fall asleep typing.  maybe my joints will stay in place more tomorrow.  night friends.

Life and Everyday

K is at Camp

It’s Day 2 of K being at Camp Wapo.  I keep wondering how she is doing.  I bet she is doing so well there.  I miss her.  It’s more quiet here without her here.  I guess that is good in some ways.  But it’s not in others.  Like….it’s so quiet I can actually hear  myself think….which isn’t so good.  I hear them…oh my.  But anyway, I think I can get a lot of things done.  If I don’t sleep in.  LOL  I couldn’t sleep last night, so I dozed off a bit early this morning.  So, I decided to go lay down again and slept until a little after 11am.  I certainly didn’t want to do that!

I have my “honey-do” list and haven’t gotten a start on it yet.  I will after writing and checking email.  1st thing is to go through K’s clothes.

I have a group tonight at the Emily Program.  I am not sure I will stick with this group yet.  I have been going for little over a month but don’t feel “the fit”.  I think I will see if there is another group that I can be involved in.  I like the Emily Program.  I like they counselor I see there.  I like the dietitian I see there.  I see the dietitian tonight after group.

More later….

Life and Everyday

Holy Crud!!!

Mannnnnnnnnn!!  Talk about busy…..I have been meaning to get here and write my little ol heart out.  We have had snow and more snow and NO SPRING here in Minnesota.  But today…..we are in the 60’s.  Woooohoooo….MN heat wave.  Gonna be in the 70’s by mid-week or so “they” say…..we’ll see.  I bought some more pots and some potting soil today…so I hope I didn’t jinx it.  🙂

Well, just a short recap….K had 3 dance rehearsals this past week and then recital yesterday.  Whew.  She did an amazing job.  But am so glad that dance has come to an end for this school year.  Well, she has dance next Thursday, but it’s a fun free for all….for the kids….not parents  LOL

Tomorrow she has her first choir concert.  So been trying to find some shoes that she can wear for that.  Dang.

Mom was here this weekend.  She is so awesome.  I love love love my mom.  We had a relaxing weekend even with recital in there.

Been working my tail feathers off for work.  School is about done….23 1/2 days left of school.  We have spring benchmarking this next week…on Tuesday and Thursday.  So I hope even though I will be testing kids all day…it will be a little more relaxed for me.  Test and enter data on the computer.  Not to taxing.

I need to get more volunteer hours in for MRC before July 13.  So I just applied for a volunteer position at MN Teen Challenge in Minneapolis.  What a process that takes.  I have to print it off and then send my old pastor a sheet to fill out since I haven’t known the pastor here very long or rather he doesn’t know me from adam.  Such a big church.  So, I will send it to Lance and have my hometown pastor fill it out.  Maybe he can call my mom for some answers  LOL

oh the joys of being so busy that you meet yourself coming and going….uffda to the max.

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Life and Everyday

Thursday Random BS

Today I am posting some random BS cuz I am not knowing what to post this early in the morning.  Bear with me.



  • Work is going ok. My supervisor is gone today.  I can be a little more relaxed today but I will still everything I need to cuz I am still on my 30 day probation.  Don’t wanna get my arse kicked now.
  • K is still like toast in the morning.  I just don’t get it.  She just pops outta bed like raring to go.  Me?  Well I am still waking up…sorta.  My brain is half awake.  Got my little Dew next to me.  I wish I liked coffee.  lol
  • Thinking about upcoming appointments with rheumy doc and bariatric doc.  I am nervous as all heck.  I haven’t been there in forever (a year or more….I think I will get my arse chewed on this one too). 
  • K is doing better in school.  They are working on MCA tests.  She has the math ones coming up.  She brought home her practice test and got just about all the answers right.  
  • Nearing the end of the school year…YAY……now to just get in all my volunteer hours.  I am not sure how much I have left.  I need to talk to Rose at the Y and get some hours in there.  I will get them in by the time I need to in July.
  • Looking for a house to rent here in Hastings.  I have 2 leads.  Will call them today.  Praying that they are not over my spending limit for rent.  I just need a bigger place to live.  K has so much more stuff than I do.  I think most of what I own, she now claims as her own.  Go figure.
  • Spring?  Is it actually here in Minnesota?  Will we have sun for another day today?  Let’s home and pray we do.
  • I want some flowers.
  • The end.

Happy Thursday.  Tutoring this AM, then tutoring at school, tutoring after school, then K’s dance.  Long arse day.  UFFDA.


Days 18 and 19 of Thankfulness

OK…my days are running all into each other.  This is not good.  I haven’t taken time to even think much.  oh my!!  Something needs to change!  But I get like this during the holidays.  I don’t take the time.  I keep going and going and going.  So, I need to make a decision to start paying attention.







So, what to do to not  buy into all the hype and crap that goes along with the holiday?  

K has hit the usual kid time at Christmas…”I WANT, I WANT, I WANT”

so I need to figure out how to get her into the GIVING spirit as much as the taking spirit.  So much I want to do.  But I so need to just slow down.  Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I have stuff to make to take with to the dinner.  3 things to be exact.  K says she will help.  She loves to help me bake and put stuff together.  I wish she would eat more, better stuff.  Sugar is a food group for her.

on and on…….i will keep thinking.  if you have suggestions…please post them.  would love to hear from you.

Be Blessed.  ♥ Julie




Life and Everyday

Thankful day 7

yes.  I have missed some days.  I have been slacking.  mostly due to pain and not being able to concentrate.

There is a lot going on in my brain….too much.  Many conflicting feelings and actual events that are happening with my family.  I am having a hard time putting things into words.

I am thankful for the many many many friends that are in my life.  The “old” ones, that I have caught up with thanks to facebook.  And the newer ones, thanks to Life Church and facebook too.

I am thankful for the things that have been working out so that graduation is within my sights.  I am thankful for that opportunity to be able to study and learn.

I am so very thankful for my mom.  She is an amazing woman.  Many things have happened to my mom….some not so good and some that are so very good.  I hope that she knows how much she is loved by so many.