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Day 26 Thankful for Friends

peanuts thanks

Life and Everyday

Days 17 and 18

Smooshing yesterday and today together.  My K-bug is sick so was unable to post lastgive-thanks-wordartweb night.  I am thankful for tylenol and lots of water.  They are what helps most when nothing with mom hugs do.  Lots of TLC and tylenol.  That is what the prescription has been for the past couple days.  Trying to keep her temp down and get her feeling better.  She is home from school today.  Her temp is running normal right now.  I hope it maintains that way.  I am thankful that God gives me the knowledge to know how to help her when she is not feeling well.  Ah the joys of motherhood. 🙂

Life and Everyday

Thankful day 15

Today I am thankful for the chance to have known a very great man who passed away last night. He has been a very good friend of mine for the past 26 years.
We had recently gotten together at the Riverside Bible Camp on Labor Day weekend. I was able to catch up with him and his wife and son. It was super. It was great catching up. I am grateful I had the chance to talk with him and share some great memories with him and his wife.

Life and Everyday

Giving Thanks Day 13 and 14

combining day 13 and 14 today…..

I am thankful for a good night’s sleep.  I actually slept all night.  And woke up about 3 minutes before my alarm was to go off.  Which was nice.  I got a decent night’s sleep.  woohoo!

Funny thing is….I had to call my mom a little earlier because I had this thought, I couldn’t remember if I had dreamed something or if I had actually talked to her about it.  I talked to her a couple times yesterday so I didn’t know if I had actually talked to her about this.  I had asked her this morning if she had asked me to bring my bathroom scale home with me when I come back home to the farm next weekend.  Obviously I dreamed this.  LOL  Why?  I am not sure.  Other than I met with the dietitian yesterday.  I guess weight was on my mind.  Of course my mom laughed at me this morning and told me I dream crazy dreams.

It was a good giggle for the morning .

With that…it’s a good day for giving thanks.

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Day 9 of Giving Thanks

number-9Today I am thankful for my new humidifier.  I have had no bloody nose today.  I know this maybe a little thing for most folks but for me, this is a big thing.  After having a bloody nose everyday for about a week now, I had a day with none.  I love this little humidifier.  It works great.  Not thrilled that I will have to refill it often but I will do it to not have to contend with the results of not having it!

It’s the little things to be grateful for!!!

yup…it is!

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4th Day of Giving Thanks



Giving Thanks for Today

I am thankful for good friends.  Tonight I was able to talk to a great friend I hadn’t talked to in a quite awhile.  It was good to catch up.  We don’t live too far away from each other but we don’t see each other enough.  I hope that will change.  We both are busy, but I think we can change that.  I love my friends.



Life and Everyday

Day 9 of Giving Thanks

It’s day nine of giving thanks…..Today I am very thankful for the good days.  And today has been a most excellent day!!  K had a super day too.  Parent/Teacher conferences are done.  The stress level is now lowered….wooohoooo.  I was able to get some work done around the house when I came home after conferences.  I was even able to take a short nap.  It is just amazing when God gives you GREAT days.

K has been in a super mood tonight.  She is looking forward to reading tonight.  Her behaviors have been so good today.  Tomorrow she earned her computer time.  We might even go to a movie (if I can get my paper done  LOL).

It was a beautiful day….in the 50’s.  Weird for November in Minnesota.  But things always change fast.  Chance of snow this weekend.  ahhh the joys.

Today is my friend Robin’s birthday.  She is the one who let me live with her while I was trying to get acclimated to the Cities. I texted her this morning.  It was so funny.  I called her an old fart, her response was that I was a geezer!  lol  She is one crazy gal, but we have always considered each other family.

I am looking forward to seeing my mom soon.  I am missing her.  I think mostly because I have been doing a  bit of shopping for gifts and am trying to find something for her.  My mom deserves so much….there is nothing that I can give that compares to what she has done for me.

Life is good, God is better.