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My letters on Friday



March 29, 2013  Good Friday

Dear K –   It’s been a long week struggling with you.  I love to the moon and back.  why do we have to fight so?  Your biggest question or statement to me is “what if I don’t?”  I still don’t know how to answer that.  I love you so much.

Dear Mom – Thank you loving me.  And talking with me during the week.  Your wisdom has really helped me so much this week.

Dear Paramount Goodyear – (sarcasm)  Thank you so much for taking more of my money to fix my car.  You know have over $800 to fix my POS.  I really could have used my tax return on something different and more fun.

Dear JFK elem – This has been the longest 4 day week ever.  I love my kiddos that I tutor….but could do without my supervisor who finds fault in most of what i do.

Dear Karen – I am so glad you are my BFF.  You know what is going on and love me anyways.  Today has been a rough day with all the medical stuff.  I am glad that I can tell you and you kinda get it but just listen and know.

Dear Dr. S and Dr. K – thank you for trying to help me to feel better today.  Thank you for taking time to explain things to me and answer my what seems like endless questions.  I appreciate you both.

Dear God – It is Good Friday….Jesus died tonight for us.  It is finished……but life begins again in a few days.  Thank you Lord for loving us that much.

Life and Everyday

The World Lost a Fabulous Woman

My aunt Billie passed away unexpectedly on Monday.  She had a massive heart attack.  She was the most wonderful woman   She had one of the biggest hearts I have ever know a person  to have.  Her sense of humor was contagious.  Our family often referred to her as Lucy as in Lucille Ball.  Only Billie didn’t have the red hair.  But the humor was very very similar.

My mom has 9 siblings.  Pat, Billie, Alouise, Mom, Darlo, Michael, Marjo, Kim and Kevin.  Both my grandparent have passed away also.  Mom lost her mom when she was in her early 20’s.  I  don’t remember my grandmother, but I do have one picture of her with me.  I think I was maybe a little over one year old.

This is my aunt Billie:


Here is quote from one of her children, Jeannie, ” Life with my mom was always fun. I told her often that it was like growing up with Lucy. I am going to miss you Lucy! I wish the show wasn’t cancelled so soon. Thank you for the laughs and smiles mom. My heart aches for another episode.”  “My mother was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and faith. She taught me to love and follow God. She lost her mom when she was only eight. How blessed was I to have her as long as I did? Yet the ache of knowing that she is gone is almost more than I can take. I love you, Mom!”

She was an amazing woman.  She was one of those women who loved me where I was and whatever was going on in my life.  She never judged me.  She just kept on loving me.  I worry now about my uncle Ray.  Still recovering form his hip replacement he had before Christmas.  I know my cousins (his kids) will take great care of him.  They are amazing cousins too.

My mom and Marjo are flying in today.  They are in Texas.  Mom and Tiny just got there yesterday.  And mom has to turn around and come back for a few days.  The visitation is Thursday evening.  The funeral is Friday at 10am.  I hope I am feeling well enough to go.  I have a sinus thing that my daughter shared with me.

She was sick all week last week.  Now I have it.  I missed work yesterday and feel like crap and will probably miss today also.  Been up since a little after 3, because I couldn’t breathe.  sucks.

My heart hurts.  I will my aunt very much.  She is in heaven dancing with angels.  I hope she is giving my dad a huge hug.  I miss him as well.  Be amazing Billie.  You leave a huge legacy for all who have known you.


Holy Moley!! Days 16 and 17

How in the world did these 2 days fly by and I didn’t get in my thankfulness???  I think that I will roll 16 and 17 into one….it’s a biggie!!











I am so very thankful to GOD and my family.  Today my great aunt was hit by a train.  YES  A TRAIN!!!  It happened in a small town in north Iowa.    This little town has tracks that run right through the middle of the town.  Population maybe 50.  Anyways, there were a couple cars ahead of her and they drove right on through.  She thought it was safe to go as well.  She looked and didn’t see the train nor did she hear any whistles.  The train caught her back bumper and twirled her around.  I think my mom said it hit the car in 3 places as it spun around.  The ONLY place that was not bunged up on the car was the place where she was sitting.  God and his angels were definitely watching over her.  Also, her son was just coming into town and he saw the little red car but not thinking it was his mother, he went to her house.  She wasn’t there.  He headed to the tracks.  Another miracle.  He was there for her at the right time.  911 was called, and she was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.  She has bumps and bruises.  She has a very hurt ankle that she can’t walk on.  She is 84 years old.  Holy cows, I am so glad that God was with her and around her.  It could have much much worse.  She is home tonight with her other son and daughter -in-law.  She may have to go to a nursing home for some rehab until that ankle gets better but she is good.

I am also so very thankful for my mom.  I miss her some days somethin fierce.  I am only nearly 2 hours from her, but not seeing her is hard.  I love my mom.  I can’t imagine my life without her.  It’s hard that my dad isn’t alive too.  I miss him too.  God has got them both tho.  In heaven my dad is watching over us.  On earth, my mom is watching over me and K.  I wish I could give her more.  More love.  Repay the money I owe.  Win the lottery and give her retirement that she surely deserves.  For now, I will continue to love her and tell her that I love her everyday.

Life and Everyday

Observerations from my side of the couch

I orignially started this mid-week last week.  Thought because I got up early I would finish it off this morning.  Can’t sleep anyhow.  It’s nearly 5am anyways.

Wednesday afternoon:  Traffic sucks.  Two days in a row…sitting in backed up traffic. Yesterday I was taking K to her therapy appointment. Traffic was stopped because some dude wanted wanted to jump off the bridge after a police chase. I feel for the dude but….dang….we needed to get to K’s appt.  Of course 15 min late.
Now am on my way to my therapy appt and yet another crash/hang up…..gonna be late again. I don’t do late very well.
Yes I am typing this while sitting waiting in traffic. Lol
6 minutes until my appt. Great.  Just heard on the radio…semi roll over. Great!!!

People have way too much anger when driving.  I’m just impatient…not angry. Turn up the radio…KTIS!!!!

Anxiety has been high today. UTIs are horrible.  Going to the doc again tomorrow to get new antibiotics.

And so the traffic decided to move.  Therapy is done.  I picked up K. We are home.  She’s now in bed. I am done writing my paper on the parts of the brain. I think my brain is dead now.  Lol

Will continue tomorrow. (yeah right)


It’s now early Monday morning.  K and I went to my mom’s this weekend.  It was good to get away for awhile, but like K said last night…’s good to be home where we belong.  Aint’ the the truth!!!

So we brought in all the stuff from the car (note: TONS of stuff).  Got just about everything put away…well not put away away but out of the living room.  I got to working on my paper on “the brain” for my class.  Totally forgot I was supposed to volunteer for Church Online at 8pm at!!  oops!!  My brain musta been too involved in the paper!!  It’s done anyway….a day late.  Hopefully my prof won’t notice?  LOL

Onto a few things I have learned this past week:

Driving 2 hours with a 9 year old, wanting to listen to “her” music, over and over and over, will actually drive you nuts!!  So much I can take of “Take A Hint”.  I will post that video at the end.  You can see why.  LOL

Time spent with my mom is amazing.  She is funny and oh so wise (most days).  She can do like 20 things at one time and make it all seem so effortless.  She got a belated birthday party set up in less than 5 hours.  Cake was cool (Hello Kitty,of course).  K had fun opening another couple gifts.  Don’t grandma’s give the coolest gifts?

Trying out spray color on hair is always exciting. (note sarcasm).  It turned my hands pink, K’s face pink, and the comb pink.  Here is the outcome:



She looks fab, I must say!!  Even got a great smile without a dorky tongue sticking out.  LOL







(she’s growing up too fast too)

Sunday’s with family is always an adventure.  Tiny spilled his coffee on the Sunday paper.  He laid it out on the stove to dry.  I was thinking….”OMG…it’s gonna start on fire”, then mom said, it’s a pilot-less stove top”  unlike what we had when I was growing up.  LOL

Went to church at good ol’ Deer Creek Lutheran.  Pastor Lance is a hoot.  His is an amazing pastor.  He is an Army Chaplin also.  Spent time in Iraq and (I think Afghanistan .  Wrote a book about it too.  Meditations from Iraq  

He is so very funny and wise.  Cracks me up when he speaks.

He wore those funny glasses, with big nose, eyebrows and mustache yesterday.  Wind it up and they move.  Giggle giggle and snort!!



My daughter has accumulated so much stuff, I think we need a small UHaul to bring it all back here.  Needless to say, we will be working on her room this week…or rather I, ME, will be.  She says she can’t do it “all by herself”  LOL

So there are a few thoughts from my side.  Enjoy the video of take a hint.  Don’t laugh too hard.  I think it’s a funny but cute song.  Could play it for a few guys I have dated in my lifetime.

♥ Julie


Life and Everyday

100 Free Things to do this Summer

I got this in my email.  I wanted to share with all the other moms out there.  Some really great ideas!!

There is no reason to spend money on a big family vacation when there are so many fun and free activities right where you are!

This summer, discover what is great about the city you live in!

From your own backyard to local nature parks or free days at the movie theater or bowling alley…make your summer one to remember without breaking the bank! To get you started, here are…

In The House

Video Performance Treasure Hunt:

Have a Living Room Sleepover
Make a Fort out of Blankets
Movie Night in Pajamas
Have a Craft Night (Make Nature Journals, a Book BoxPom Poms, or a 2×4 Craft)
Have a Family Board Game Night
Create a Scavenger Hunt around the House
Paint with Watercolors
Have a Reading Party and play a little Bingo:

Learn some Origami
Make Box Cars (sit in them for a movie night)
Make Paper Airplanes and Race Them
Have a Magic Show

Make Potato Stamp Art
Make sock puppets and have a Puppet Show (don’t forget to record it!)
Dress up and have a Tea Party
Melt Crayons on Canvas for Art
Have a Costume Party (use favorite Halloween costumes)
Have a Dance Party in the Living Room
Make homemade musical instruments and have a concert
Make a Parachute out of an Old Umbrella
Make Confetti Fire Crackers

Make Layered Soap
Use some of those 2×4′s laying around and make a family game board:

In the Yard

Have a Backyard Campout in a Tent and Tell Stories
Invite friends over for BBQ Potluck
Stay cool with Water Activities (Run through the Sprinklers,

Have a Water Bottle Water Fight,

Water Balloons, Water Baseball or Kickball, Make a Slip-n-Slide…)
Draw a Bike Path with Sidewalk Chalk and practice staying between the lines
Have a car washing party and get your rides sparkly clean
Decorate Bikes for a Bike Ride or Your Own Parade
Have an Outdoor movie night (In your garage or on an exterior wall with a projector)
Make your own circus with hula hoops (include your pets too)
Create your own Obstacle Course
Plant Flowers or Plant a Garden

At the Park

Play Tennis or Frisbee or Basketball
Learn Frisbee Golf (recently took it up…so fun!)Make Kites and then Fly Them for all to see
Ride Bikes, Scooters, Go Rollerskating, or Skateboarding
Have a Picnic, Read a book, Find animals in the Clouds

Go on a Nature Walk and learn about new plants or insects
Try Ice Blocking or The Driving Range
Play at a new Splash Park

In Town

Attend a Farmer’s Market
Attend Free Movies (check listings)
Go to a Concert in the Park
Watch a Parade
Visit Flea Markets or Yard Sales
Check Bowling Lanes for free events
Go to a Minor League Baseball Game (Look for Free days)

In Nature

Try Geo Cashing
Enjoy Hiking in a New Place
Learn about the Planets and Stars and Go Stargazing
Visit/Tour a Farm
Feed ducks at a pondFind Alphabet Letters in Object for Letter Photo Art

Reserve a spot at a county park and camp overnight

For Others

Do Yard Work for a Neighbor

Take them a meal or treats
Write letters/cards/art and mail them to a loved one
Make a Quilt for a Child in the Hospital

Serve at a local food kitchen or animal shelter
Write Love Notes to Members of Your Family

For Learning

Visit Historical Sites in your area
Visit Museums (check for FREE days)
Visit a National Park (Click HERE to see FREE days)
Visit your Local library (sign up for a reading program)
Visit a Fish Hatchery and Feed the FishTour a Fire Station
Tour a Factory (chocolate is always good) ;)
Visit family members’ grave sites and learn about their lives
Attend an Air-showTour the capital building or the local courthouse
Learn about different countries (photos, books, movies, food, talk to someone who’s been there)

For Play

Make Sidewalk Chalk

Make home made Play dough

Write a Play or a Movie and act it out (or video it)
Visit a new Park/Playground
Have a toy swap (swap your old toys for new ones with friends)
Make paper dolls
Make Shaving Cream Art

Make Bubble Blowers

For Eating

Make homemade ice cream
Try a new recipe
Let kid’s create the menu and serve the adults (teach how to set a table correctly)
Have a manners/courtesy dinner with the kids
Make and Pull Taffy

Make French bread Pizza
Have a Neighborhood Potluck or Traveling Dinner
Don’t forget to Make Healthy Smoothies

Or Make Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas
Or Make Healthy Popsicles

What are some of YOUR favorite free things to do in the summer?

{Print a FREE pdf Copy of the List HERE!}

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Thankful day 7

yes.  I have missed some days.  I have been slacking.  mostly due to pain and not being able to concentrate.

There is a lot going on in my brain….too much.  Many conflicting feelings and actual events that are happening with my family.  I am having a hard time putting things into words.

I am thankful for the many many many friends that are in my life.  The “old” ones, that I have caught up with thanks to facebook.  And the newer ones, thanks to Life Church and facebook too.

I am thankful for the things that have been working out so that graduation is within my sights.  I am thankful for that opportunity to be able to study and learn.

I am so very thankful for my mom.  She is an amazing woman.  Many things have happened to my mom….some not so good and some that are so very good.  I hope that she knows how much she is loved by so many.

Life and Everyday

Happy Labor Day!

This day is just about come to an end.  I got home shortly after supper time.  I have been trying to catch up on homework, facebook, emails, etc.  It’s just weird how much I have missed with being gone for four days.

Spent the weekend with K and my mom.  Tiny was there too.  He was grumpy.  So I won’t count him.  I played lots of cribbage and ate way too much for not being able to eat much anyways.  Weird eating this weekend.  My mom can cook/bake like nobody’s business.  It’s hard to eat healthy when she’s around.  K went swimming.  Was too cold for this old body.  So had fun just watching her.  It rained up in Minnesota for a couple days.  Playing go fish and watching movies was a blast too.  K thinks she can play cribbage, but she just likes to count by ten and 5’s.  it’s so cute.

I had to have a roasted/toasted marshmallow….couldn’t pass up that on a camping trip!!  It didn’t settle real well in the tummy tho.  I think if I ate too much sugary type stuff…it went right through me.  So, not gonna do much of that.  Luckily I like the veggies mom put on the grill….LOVED THAT!!  Even though it was very chilly at night up there, I loved snuggling with K.   Mom tried so hard this weekend to make it so good, Tiny was in a crabby mood and then J came with E and J.  Mom got upset.  It was like everyone seemed in the way this weekend at times.  I wanted to help her as much as I could, but she would tell me to just sit down, blah blah blah.

Overall, we all had a good weekend.  Despite not having “gas” this morning for the water heater and the stove. I drank coffee this morning to stay warm.  Grabbed a blanket and snuggled with K while watching morning cartoons.  Good bonding time.  Mom and I had some good bonding time too.

My niece had her baby on Friday too.  His name is Emerson James.  He is a real cutie.  looks just like his big sister.  I have a picture of him…..I don’t know if I have one of J tho??  hmmmm

Isn’t he a sweetie pie?  I hope to get up there again to meet him.  Maybe on K’s birthday weekend.  Who knows if they will come.  Since I am the horrible person B’s mother says I am.  Whatever.  LOL  I take it with a grain of salt.  I know who my friends are and I know that my nieces and nephews like me for the most part.  J (my sister) and her family can hate me or hate mom or hate K, but that will be and always be their loss.  I know I am not perfect, I make mistakes just like the rest of the world.  But I am willing to take responsibility for mine.  Just sayin.

Anyways, welcome to the world, my great nephew EJB.  You will be loved up like all the rest !! *smiles*  I love you even tho you don’t know me yet, little man.  I will always love you EJ!!

All sorts of things running through my head at the moment.  So will have to try to gather more thoughts before tomorrow and write something a little more sensible.