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my little morning rant

I have a little morning rant this morning.  Whom ever said that making a routine for a child with ADD is the “right” thing to do is absolutely NUTS!!    It does not work with every child.  I have been trying to get a routine down with K for the past year.  She and I can’t get a routine down for the love of Pete.  It gets close but it just never is there.  Something always throws it off.  Usually her stubbornness to get moving and doing stuff.  I have written it down on a white board and put it on the wall.  I have posted it on her door.  I have put it on the kitchen wall.  I have put it on the fridge.  I have put it in the bathroom.  Nothing works.  She just doesn’t care.  I don’t think it really matters what or how she gets ready for school.  Maybe because it matters to me, she just doesn’t care.  What would happen if I didn’t care so much.  Would she freak out?  Would reverse psychology work on a 10 year old?  I have talked to her counselor and haven’t gotten an answer out of her either.  She gave me a little check list an she has offered a little reward and that hasn’t worked either.  aarrggghhhh

If anyone who reads this has any ideas for a kid who doesn’t care about getting ready for school and/or something of the like, please share your ideas.  I am running out of them.  thanks much.

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Officially Unemployed now



I am officially unemployed as of tonight.  I have finished my work with Minnesota Reading Corps.  I have finished my 1720 hours of service to AmeriCorps and the State of Minnesota.  I wish I could say that I am very happy about all the work I have done and all the people I have touched and kids I have served.  I love the children very much that worked with this past school year.  I have enjoyed volunteering in the community.  However, I have not enjoyed one bit of the supervision of the woman at the school where I was placed.  I was just rejoining the work force and she treated me like dirt.  She made it very hard for a “disabled” person to feel functional and smart enough to be able to do the work I know I can and did do.  I know I am intelligent and capable to doing what was expected of me..  She just cut me down in every way that she possibly could.  She should not be in the supervisory position for people who are working for peanuts in a service oriented position.  I understand that Minnesota reading corps is a professional service working with children, but we need to be able to relate to children and be professional as well.

So my hours are done.  I achieved what I intended.  I have my award money to pay for some college classes to finish my degree.  But I need a little extra income.  I will miss the extra $800 that was coming in each month.  Not sure how I will make ends meet after this income stops.  I don’t know.

I have applied for jobs.  I have had 2 turn downs already.  I have 4 more out there and waiting to hear.  I need to follow up on them in the beginning of next week.  I will keep scanning jobs.  I wrote a friend of mine to wee if she and her hubby have found child care for their little girl for next school year yet.  I offered to watch her.  I don’t need to be payed a lot.  Just enough to have some income.

anyways,  life is constantly changing.  it’s almost time for the new school year.  a month away.  K is getting ready.  she still wants to swim every chance she can get.

i have started new medications.  the pain clinic did a total work up on my hormones.  they are all messed up.  so took me off some and put me on others.  i hate adjustment time.

will post more later.


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What a week!!

It’s been a long week.  I have finally gotten some time to get here and write a bit about it.  Beyond Imagination is done.  That was quite the ordeal.  Kennedy Elementary put on a wonderful art and poetry night.  Lots and lots and lots of parents and students came.  I worked the photo booth.  I have some awesome pics.  I will share.  I love my sitter, P.  She was so kind to take K around to the various rooms to do all the fun stuff.  K even read in the poetry jam.  I will share her poem at the end too.  She wrote it.  Kinda silly but all her.

School gets out June 7.  about 4 weeks away still.  I have to get in all my hours and then some.  I have made arrangements to get more hours in ASAP after school lets out.  I will get them all in before July 13, I am that determined.  I will throw myself into getting it all in.

Going to make crockpot ranch chicken today for lunch….I hope maybe Katey will eat it.  who knows.  she hasn’t been eating much.  Her ped doc is concerned because her check up…she had lost some weight.  not a considerable amount.  but the ADD medicine has that side effect.  so I also asked the school nurse to weigh her once a week for me.  she will help me keep track.

ok and now for pics from poetry jam and pics of the school for the big event:

Beyond Imagination007some teachers

014K’s friend Dakota

042poetry jam

047A kindergartner I worked with…awesome!

061K and Paige…hammin it up!

089My teacher friend, Carla and her hubby and new baby.







last but not least….

K’s poem


Technology is inside the computer.

Internet is to…my mom its a tutor!

Facebook, angry birds, paplinko, and movies are all on the internet.

I need a pet.

I love the computer.

there you have it….our week.  getting ready…now it’s done.  we can finally relax…sorta.  now to get ready for all the field trips and etc for the end of the school year.  I have to keep up my tutoring schedule…it’s all good.

Happy week ahead to all of you!


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Holy Crud!!!

Mannnnnnnnnn!!  Talk about busy…..I have been meaning to get here and write my little ol heart out.  We have had snow and more snow and NO SPRING here in Minnesota.  But today…..we are in the 60’s.  Woooohoooo….MN heat wave.  Gonna be in the 70’s by mid-week or so “they” say…..we’ll see.  I bought some more pots and some potting soil today…so I hope I didn’t jinx it.  🙂

Well, just a short recap….K had 3 dance rehearsals this past week and then recital yesterday.  Whew.  She did an amazing job.  But am so glad that dance has come to an end for this school year.  Well, she has dance next Thursday, but it’s a fun free for all….for the kids….not parents  LOL

Tomorrow she has her first choir concert.  So been trying to find some shoes that she can wear for that.  Dang.

Mom was here this weekend.  She is so awesome.  I love love love my mom.  We had a relaxing weekend even with recital in there.

Been working my tail feathers off for work.  School is about done….23 1/2 days left of school.  We have spring benchmarking this next week…on Tuesday and Thursday.  So I hope even though I will be testing kids all day…it will be a little more relaxed for me.  Test and enter data on the computer.  Not to taxing.

I need to get more volunteer hours in for MRC before July 13.  So I just applied for a volunteer position at MN Teen Challenge in Minneapolis.  What a process that takes.  I have to print it off and then send my old pastor a sheet to fill out since I haven’t known the pastor here very long or rather he doesn’t know me from adam.  Such a big church.  So, I will send it to Lance and have my hometown pastor fill it out.  Maybe he can call my mom for some answers  LOL

oh the joys of being so busy that you meet yourself coming and going….uffda to the max.

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Life and Everyday

monday hope

Monday, again

my attitude sucks

i know it does

but i have about two hours to change it

and i will

my kids need me

my supervisor ….well she can be the bump

she can take some silence

i will not let her ruin my day

helping my kids improve their reading

is most important today

i will rise above

i will conquer my fear of walking on eggshells

i will be my best for THEM.

the beginning of a great week.

Life and Everyday

Swimming lessons and busy days

Day 2 of swimming lessons. It’s going pretty well. K has had an attitude that I would like yo send into the second Tuesday of next week. It doesn’t matter what or where we are…the 8 year old ‘tude appears. People have told it’s only going to get worse. I sure hope not. Don’t know if this mom can handle much more ‘ tude!!!
I still haven’t gotten pain mess or rather the celebrex which lessens the pain greatly. Insurance is a dog.  Pre- auth sucks.   I am hoping before the end of the week it will be figured out. I know my pain level does nothing for my tolerance level with K….just makes very difficult to deal period!!!
I went to the eye doc this morning. I’m officially old. Getting bifocals. Gah! I’m getting some neat new glasses with a tad of blunt on them. K will like them.
Mom called last night. She and Tiny got a lot of her school supplies. I am grateful for that. To them.
Therapy appt this afternoon and then class. Long day.

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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 16 and more

Day 16: Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.

Oh my my!!  How appropriate subject for today.  I will be having the gastric sleeve surgery this coming Thursday.  So my opinion of my body is changing as I type.  I am on a full liquid diet today.  I stomached my first protein shake.  It was vanilla mixed with skim milk.  The first few sips were ok but by the time I was near the end….whoa.  NOT what I was expecting.  It was hard to get it all down.  I think next time, I will mix it with some fresh fruit…blend it up, add some ice, and try a slush.  I hope that will be better.

I have these bumps and curves that are in places they shouldn’t be.  Last year I had a breast reduction due to inflamed fibroids.  So, that was taken care of nicely.  Now to get my body in that shape. I have managed to lose close to 20 pounds since starting this journey this past February.  That is pretty decent for me.

Today, I signed up for Aquatic Zumba and a meditation awareness series for this semester here at the U.  The zumba stuff starts the first part of September.  Well, actually I think it starts Aug 29, but I won’t be cleared to start until the next week.  The meditation series is in October.   I am excited about both.  I thought about taking a yoga class…but I don’t want to push it too much right after surgery.

Classes begin Aug 22.  I have the week before (wait, that is next week) to rest up and recover.  Oh wow…it’s coming so quickly.  K starts school on the 15th.  I talked to her last night on the phone and asked who her teacher was this year.  “It’s a boy” she said.  I just had to chuckle.  My good friend is the other 2nd grade teacher.  I hope it’s a good year for her…with “the boy” teacher.  🙂

Today is my last day at work.  I am sitting her in the office with not much going on.  Both deans are in today.  So it’s still pretty quiet.  They both had vacation last week.  Back to the grind.  I wonder what they will have for me when classes start?  I know I have a huge mailing that will need to be done sometime in October and November for all the alums from UNI.  I did that last year.  Not a problem.

As for this 30 day blog series, I might have to miss Thursdays.  Or maybe Karen will type it out for me as I lay in bed at the hospital.  LOL  We’ll see.  Transformation begins today.  I really do like myself today and most days as well.  Life has turned around for me in the past year.  It’s been an amazing year.  Even if I didn’t marry the man who was supposed to be the man of my dreams.  (poor him).  Being single isn’t too bad.  I have a great group of friends and a wonderful family.  Support is something I am not used to, but I sure like it.  Feels great to be loved.

Carry on….this blog is done.  Enjoy your day!!