Life and Everyday

Day 8 of giving thanks

I am thankful for my daughter having patience today.  We waited and waited and waitedmagic8ball for seeing her doctor today.  He was running over 40 minutes late.  She read a magazine for that whole time.  An article about boys.  LOL  It was quite cute.  When I asked her about what she read, she said to me, “well, duh, mom.  It’s about boys.”  I guess that’s what I get.  hahaha.  Ask a silly questions….get a straight up answer.

I am thankful that K is growing into a very kind and loving young lady.  She has a heart of gold.  I am very lucky that even though she has some very tough times, she still has this heart that is full of love.

Life and Everyday

This is how it’s been going (a repost)

Oh my!!  I read this blog this morning, I just had to repost it for y’all to read.  It really opened my eyes to why I have been so angry….or the huge possibility of what could be the root of my anger…. you can find it here: Pages from my Yelling Journal by Susan Baker (it’s actually from her blog This Happy Mom).
I was going to copy and paste here too, but it won’t let me….so please go and read.  Thanks.


Life and Everyday

Weekend Letters

ok….I am pretty lame at getting Friday letters out on Friday so gonna do Weekend letters…here we go

Dear K – rough week huh?  I am sorry your week has been rough and emotional.  I wish and pray that you would trust me enough to talk to me about how your 9 year old feelings are and let your mom help you.  I love you more than you know.

Dear Mom – you are amazing and strong.  I admire that you are there for so many.  A true blessing to me and so many others.

Dear auntie – I pray for you all day.  I am glad the docs got all your cancer this time.  Recover fast so that you can get home again soon.  I hope your lung heals and you are able to get back to doing all that you need and want to do.  I love you.

Dear JFK elementary – I enjoy working with the kiddos.  Please let up on demands so much before the end of the year.  you don’t pay me…the state of MN does.  I am there for the kids….not you.  Please respect me and Krysta.

Dear Kare – thanks for always being there and listening when I need it most.  10 hours away is just too much.  I hate that distance keeps us apart.  but oh so thankful for the internet.

Dear Scott – I am so happy about getting to know you more.  Making some plans for the summer.  I hope you will trust that I won’t be like “all the others” as you put it.  I am me and that’s what I am.  I care so much.

To everyone reading – I hope your weekend has been great.  Spring has finally hit Minnesota.  Temps in the near 70’s here.  Totally beautiful.  The sun, the birds, the warmth.  I am ready to go for walks and just sit on my balcony in the mornings and do my writing and reading.  ahhhhhh….living the dream……lol


I’m late – Days 12 and 13 of Thankfulness

I am thankful for some simplicity in my life.  With so many choices and decisions, so many demands from people and things in my world, it’s a real challenge to ‘keep it simple’. Making it simple means making things easy and clear (which isn’t always easy). My magic wand (sometimes broken) to wave over my life is mostly planning and prioritizing. Make plans, long and short term and then priorities.  Then I try to  practice taking one thing at a time, so I can have one thought at a time, with some space before I have to have my next thought. I try not to get attached to my plans or priorities.  I try to be flexible (easy) and yet focused (clear) and in this way I can teach myself to think simply and act simply. One thought at a time. At my own pace. In my own space. A simple life is a contented life.  Simplicity is hard to come by somedays when you have a child.  But I am trying to teach her the same.

I am thankful for cappuccino.  This has been a great thing these past couple cold mornings.  It’s been in the 20’s for a few days when it’s time to get up and going.  I have my window in my bedroom open just a crack and boy can I even feel the coolness.  But I love it too.  I sleep so much better when it’s cool in my bedroom.  Vanilla cappuccino is my favorite.  But I bought this Caramel vanilla bean cappuccino….I think I am in love.  ♥  Simple again.  Just for me.


Day 10 of Thankfulness

Thankfulness for today:  just the fact it was a lazy Saturday.  Neither K or I did much of anything today.  I didn’t get my to-do list done, but there is tomorrow.  I am thankful for lazy days.

Not much else for today.  Lots of thoughts running through my head but can’t seem to get them written down.  Maybe tomorrow.