Life and Everyday

“Words will never hurt me”


(written in 2010)

When I was young

I heard “words will never hurt me”

I believed you when you said it.

As I grew older

I grew sick of taunting words

“What’s wrong with you”

” You are so fat and ugly”

Maybe those closest to me

Thought it would help me get thick skin

But it didn’t.

It dug a hole.

So very deep, and NOTHING can fill it

These words they said

Those names they called

I hear them daily in my head.

I hate each mirror that I pass

Only looking long enough to fix my hair, or try to smile.

Tears in my eyes

Ashamed of who I have become.

I’ve listened and taken in all those words….

They are what I have become…..maybe….

Not yet.  I can’t see anything but

Ugly in me.